A person who thinks their day job isn't their real job: busboy/actor; waitress/actress; waiter/writer; cleaner/scriptwriter; singer/secretary
Who's on Big Brother this year? Oh, just the usual bunch of slashies.
by Gina Dow August 27, 2006
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(n) Slang name for bar /(slash) liquor stores that you find in Chicago, IL. You can't get a license for these kind of bar/liquor stores anymore and the ones that are still around are usually a bit run down, old family businesses that have had this license for generations.
Meet me at the slashie for a shot and then we'll buy a case of Old Style to go.
by niemi July 14, 2009
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Splashy is a person usually a female who is not only slutty but trashy.
I was watching cops and this slashy girl got caught blowing her two nephews.
by Jiggaman1306 May 13, 2017
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1. a person, place, or thing that serves two purposes (ie. a coffee shop/bookstore/tea room)
Kara is an amazing pro golfer/schoolteacher. She's so slashy.
by Orange kidd June 1, 2009
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Boy1: aight gotta go.
Boy2: Aight cya bro.
Boy1: Yea. stay slashy.
by bangbangobla December 5, 2013
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Noun. A long-winded ramble, usually about acquaintances and their inner-circle dramas. These kind of rambles are often so repetitive and circular that one could leave the conversation and come back later, having not missed anything.
"He was totally giving a full slashy, and I went to get some coffee. I came back and I don't think he noticed I was gone."
by Runkachunk August 18, 2013
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Another term for taking a piss while drunk and your piss to pot ratio is diminishing.
Your mate at the pub turns to you and says "Fucking hell man, I need to take a slashie again. That's the 8th time this pot!"
by Mike737 September 25, 2006
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