Girl with a big heart, beautiful,pretty, kind. Always will help you. Really pretty face and body. Have alot friends.
Guna is really cute and nice. Have alot friends. Guna is smart. Guna like spend time with friends. You can always trust Guna.
by Yoolja January 9, 2018
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A boy that is always helping everyone, with a cheerful attitude and a sweet smile! He is the greatest person you would ever meet
Guna is amazing
by Hdkslaisjksiajsa March 23, 2019
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Guna is a person who is really smart, kind, honest, talented, thoughtful and very understanding. He has a lot of patience when it comes to the people and things that matters to him. You can rarely see this kind of patience in people nowadays. He is self reliant and someone you can rely on too. He empathizes with other people's situations so you can tell anything to this person and he would give his full attention to whatever you wanna say and understand what you're going through. He is a person who would be the most happiest if he comes to know that he was the reason behind someone's happiness. If you know Guna, you would feel lucky to have met this person in your life.
Wow! He is amazing. Who is he?
Of course he is. He's Guna.
by Aesthetic person November 24, 2021
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It is a nicer substitution for the word "fuck" which means it can work as any part of speech
by Boneriams06 October 7, 2014
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really bad inexcusable hair
He has got some major "Guna"
Check out the "Guna" on that girl!
by fuzzy178 September 26, 2005
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Person 1: I'm guna go to the potato festival
Person 2: Arright
by AMajesticPotato October 2, 2014
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