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Skuddy is someone you know who is good in doing something. Someone with a skill. It is short for skilled buddy.
Example 1: My buddy Mike is great in fixing cars. He is skilled in auto repair, so he is a skuddy of mine.

Example 2: Jenifer plays guitar really well. My friend Tom asked me if I knew a guitar teacher and I recommended my skuddy Jenifer to him.
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by Calligrapher November 30, 2016
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Skuddy is a term used to describe a girl who is a member of your group of friends but is also considered a skank but your buddy at the same time.
Crystal is a cool chick ta kick it wit but she slept wit pancho and manuel in the same night wat a lil Skuddy
by Lynnizzle July 16, 2010
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A buddy you go skiing with or a buddy that skies.
Hey my skuddy Georg and I are gonna hit the trails wanna come?
by DickCheney9/11 November 24, 2015
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