a strange noise used by 13-16 year old girls to express god knows what
"omg gurllll you look so good in that post, sksksksksksk"
by bigod June 24, 2019
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When the rattlesnake shookeths its tail and it goes sksksks
Omg there is a rattlesnake, call 911

Sksksk it shook its tail at me

This story has been discontinued because the main character got bit and everyone died
by snakebooty December 15, 2018
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the term a thot uses when they are trying to communicate with normal people, some form of thot laughter
boy: *tells joke*
thot: sksksk
boy: B E G O N E T H O T
by CallMeJesse124 December 2, 2018
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sksksksk.” is a phrase people use when they don’t know what to say, a form of showing enjoyment or laughter, or when they are shooketh.
*Says something funny*

sksksksksk!! AHAHAHAH.” - Sarah
by grandmalover96 July 24, 2018
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that thing basic white girls type in chats when they find something amusing, or don't know how to work a conversation, so they type it at random
very few know the true meaning, even those who type it
it is very rarely said out loud unlike its better known internet acronyms i.e. "lol"
"... and then the cat jumped off the balcony! It was hilarious!" "sksksk." rebecca typed

"Is the essay due tomorrow?" "sksksk" katelyn typed.
by vegankale May 5, 2019
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when a vsco girl drops their hydro flask

usuallly used after "and i oop-"
by krispy chicken mcnugget August 18, 2019
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