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result of one's keyboard being violently smashed when one is too shooketh. said keyboard smashing also often occurs when one's weave is flying.
1; " twenty one pilots just dropped a single! "



" wig! what did he say? "
by dickpudding August 24, 2017
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A word typically used over text, used to Express excitement, frustration. Or even just as spam or a filler.
Justin: "I got a puppy!"
Britney: "Sksksksk LET ME SEE!!"
by Mintyporksoda February 06, 2019
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"Sksksksksk" is what dumb thots do when they want to express laughter or gratitude towards something.
by Popuko man July 31, 2018
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When people get excited they shake their phone or keyboard and press random buttons.
Girl 1: β€œyoo my bf is here SKSKSKSKS”
by jojodiamond October 18, 2018
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When you don't know what to say: there's 2 ways that this is commonly used. One is when someone is sister shooketh and they text respond: sksksksk. The other is when the person just got roasted and they have no response so they just respond "sksksksk" as a form of mockery.
"You're so ugly oh my god."
"That's what ur mom said."
via giphy
by aaa25_5 January 01, 2019
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