a word that basic white thots use instead of hahaha
omg shes dead sksksksk
by lemmesuckthe.toes May 8, 2019
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the sound you use to CALL YOUR CAT that was ruined by vsco girls
me: come here kitty sksksksksk
kitty: *runs away*

random girl: sksksksk
me: where’s the cat
by imtiredpleasehelp August 26, 2019
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vsco girl # 1: omg look at this, an I oop
vsco girl # 2: sksksksksk lmaooooo
by I know things bish August 13, 2019
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result of one's keyboard being violently smashed when one is too shooketh. said keyboard smashing also often occurs when one's weave is flying.
1; " twenty one pilots just dropped a single! "



" wig! what did he say? "
by dickpudding August 23, 2017
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(SKSKSKSKSKKSKSK) is used when your friend dies in your christian mincraft server.
YOU DIED (SKSKSKSKKSKSKSKSKSKKSK)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by whoopity poop May 19, 2019
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sksksksk is a word used by annoying “vsco girls” who they’re cool wearing scrunchies and oversized shirts, drinking with a metal straw or from a hydroflask
vsco girl 1: let’s play never have i ever drank from a plastic bottle
bethany: *raises hand*, sksksksk and i oop-
by not a vsco girl, and i oop- August 26, 2019
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how basic white girls (often named Ruby) will irritate everyone around them.
oh my god I just got a hydro flask sksksksk and I oop-
by pheeeeeeph August 27, 2019
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