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“sksksksk.” is a phrase people use when they don’t know what to say, a form of showing enjoyment or laughter, or when they are shooketh.
*Says something funny*

“sksksksksk!! AHAHAHAH.” - Sarah
by grandmalover96 July 24, 2018

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blossom is a beautiful, kind, sweet, smart, caring, and hilarious person. she’ll do anything to make you laugh. she has a humor that can come off as offensive, but isn’t meant to be. she’s undeniably beautiful. she’s athletic, and will stick with you no matter what. she’s so lit, and so fun to hang around. anytime you’re with her, you’ll always have the greatest time of your life. she has the funniest laugh, and is great at roasting. she’s a lit dancer, and she has the most gorgeous body, like it’s seriously goals. she’s a tall and beautiful bih! okurrrrrt! you can always trust her, and she’ll always be my best friend forever. if you dare hurt her, your going to hurt me too, so that we can be hurt together! don’t mess with her, because she’s a queen, and always will be, so there’s nothing you can do about that. teehee! try again sweetie. ahahah! i love her so much it’s not even explainable!
we love our bestfriend blossom!!
by grandmalover96 July 26, 2018

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jadin’s the cutest, greatest friend anyone could ever have. she’s undeniably gorgeous, and is a loyal bih. she’s super funny, and can always make you laugh your socks off. she has the most adorable witch laugh, and loves talking back! she’s super trustworthy, and is great at giving advice. she’s super out going, and open to anything, and she loves getting down. she’s flat, but she’s a good dancer. she has a nice witch laugh, and she says words weird. she can be a bih at times, but that’s just her humor, and way of showing she loves you. she’s great with people, but also shy at times. don’t hurt her, or else you’re going to have to get a beating from us. ahahahah!
we love our best friend jadin !!
by grandmalover96 July 24, 2018

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Tofintahoe is a word you use to describe someone who is wild and free. Someone who’s down for anything and is adventurous. Resembles to dare devil. Also can be used to describe one of your best friends when she’s being a sloppy bitch. Ahahah. We love tofintahoes.
“Omg Somto, you’re such a tofintahoe!” - Sarah

“Ahahah! So are you Sarah!” - Somto
by grandmalover96 July 24, 2018

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