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A girl that is eaither a: chav, hoe, bitch, slut, dirty, skanky and generally not very nice. :)
Eeeww that girl is such a skrag!
Look at that group of skrags!
by Maisie! January 20, 2008
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A hierarchy of Homeless Bums, Crack Heads, Junkies, and a whole other fucking sphere of broken-down and failed lives. They are ruled by a Skrag King under the Streets and Infrastructure of Downtown Vancouver BC, Mainly Hasting District. Their Empire is called "Skragelldome"
Look at that Fucking Skrag

O wow, look, a Skrag

Don't Give that Skrag some Money, it will attract more
by Codename "ANDY D. ROY" March 17, 2010
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A person (usually teenager) who is under the impression that they look good or are impressive when in reality they are nothing of the sort. Usually paint huffers or potheads, these individuals wear stained shirts that are too large, trucker hats over greasy hair, and a vacant expression. They live on happy meals and free samples at Costco and chocolate shops. They lead directionless lives and have a hard time paying attention in school because they are almost always high. They usually grow up to be mentally stunted creeps.
Ugh, god! Here come those skrags again.
by papayamango August 23, 2015
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A Slang word meaning Motorbike or Scooter, usually stolen.
" I ad a better night on satdey, we were all tanked and Scritchy ad a Skrag on the go but he got nicked thou lad "
by John Gaskell April 29, 2004
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a word describing a gild named Sam ashford or any sams in the whole world
that sam is a total skrag
by lou_la_belle December 07, 2004
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