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The hole running through the soft fleshy meat of the wang through which bodily fluids are transmitted
After fucking that chick, Tim said his skoink was burning.
by dmr2 May 30, 2007
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An expression used after deliberate ownage has taken place. It is similar to "Owned","Treated", or "Pwned", but typically used after the ownage or treatment has taken place.
Frank-"'Haha, you're so stupid, i cant believe you accepted that trade in fantasy football."

Jim-"Looks like the best player i traded you is on the DL..."

Frank-"F*** you trade me back you D***!"


Frank-"Shut up A**hole!"
by whitesox623 January 09, 2011
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A female who thinks that she can get through life using her looks and figure alone and not developing her brain (what a concept!).

A female who uses coquettish and flirtatious behavior to move a strategy forward.

One who pays more attention to the superficial instead of the vast wasteland between their ears in the hopes that they will be able to attain some sought after thing or outcome using their sham physical attributes as their only strength.
Cletta pulled a major skoink move in order to get a better queue position at the club.

Did you see that skoink head blond in class? She was totally trying to leverage a better grade with her cleavage and short ass skirt.

Tori used her coy smile and skoink sex kitten technique to indicate that she wanted to fuck but all she really wanted was for him to buy her another mojito.

I swear to god there is nothing between the ears of that skoink head.
by V. Erickson June 27, 2006
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To steal an item quickly and swiftly.
Jake skoinked the dollar from my hand before I could even blink. Then he proceeded to shout "SKOINK!"
by AngLina88 October 17, 2006
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