aka skate park hoe: a girl who doesn't know how to skate, but goes to a skate park to try and hook up with basically any guy there who skates.

invented by the redland crew :)
dude, that girls a freaking skoe.
by Miissa April 2, 2008
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A Skanky Hoe; usually a girl with brown curly hair who likes eating eggs all night long. Very sluttly and enjoys whipped cream if you know what I mean. They also tend to be anorexic thinking they are morbidly obese.
My sister is a skoe and enjoys eating eggs at 12 am.
by Sarahhhhhhhhh June 1, 2007
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A skoe is a skate park hoe
Lets get some bottles and find a skoe or two
by c urban June 2, 2014
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a skater hoe, a dirty hoe that hangs around skaters trying to get some penis. Very slutty. Dirty, loose vagina in seek of some skater lovin.
"Man, i can't skate with all these skoes that keep getting in the way."
by d3fromthecuntlesscrew1989 March 29, 2005
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Simply the combination of Skank and Hoe
Girl:"hey kristen"

Kristen: "go away skoe!"
by channypie August 17, 2007
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noun; mixture of "skank" and "hoe"; most often used when referring to those particularly skanky hoes.
by gracefell December 21, 2009
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Girls who don't skate but go to the skate park to check out the hot skaters and meet them.
Do you see that skoe over there? she looks hot.
by loveydoveybabe June 16, 2009
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