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After talking to salt and pepper shakers and other inanimate house hold items you see that your severely discolored dog has found its way into a picture or television program. Then in an acid fueled stupor you falsely believe that you can do it too. After saying said "discolored dogs name" followed by the word "skidoo" then the simple phrase "we can too", you will begin to find yourself flying into the closest form of visual media. The whole process is as follows: "insert dogs name here skidoo, we can too". Skidooing just another way to pass the time until you figure out that you gave up a promising and successful career to pursue staring in shitty horror films.
"Hey Bro what the hell is Steve doing?"
"Oh he's just skidooing his way into that Kate Upton poster."
by 2true2bedenied December 01, 2014
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