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one who works for low pay in exchange for benefits for example free skipasses or the coveted multi area season's pass as well as good deals on gear. as always the best things in life are free. this type usually supports itself in the off season by planting trees or other things sometimes in the bathroom/attic. occasionally these people will engage in activities to simulate skiing ie dragiing your buddy behind an f350 down a dirt road on 206 dynamic skis and a water ski rope
bill w. is such a ski bum he is a 32 year old ski tuner/"farmer" whose life consists of only two things skiing and waiting to go skiing.
by just another bum August 23, 2006
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a skiier, usually male, in his late 30's or older, who generally spends the entirety of his life at ski resorts. the rest of his life is spent sharpening skis or purchasing skis on eBay. alternatively, he coaches a high school ski team.
"yo bill is such a ski bum"
"yeah dude he doesn't do anything but ski"
by jer April 22, 2005
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