A small town in France. Possibly the best, and most beautiful town in the world, and also home of the highest mountain in Europe, Mont Blanc.

It is a place where you can find the best off-piste skiing during the winter (the Vallee Blanche), amazing mountain biking in the summer, and many other things to do all year round.

Finally, it is the home of the best aprés-ski bar in the world, and the only place you can see anyone hanging off a moose-head.

And if you want to party Chamonix (also known as CHX, or Cham) has plenty of seasonaires and ski-bums hanging around who are always up for a party!
Lets go skiing in Chamonix everybody!!!
by kpdsno1 February 3, 2013
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Usually a beautiful Woman. Very sexy, and prefers to have some fun. Beautiful on the inside and out, nice kind yet very thrillful and exciting. A nice person you should want to know. ;Chamonix, a very unique/friendly person.
Chamonix, a female.
by Janxtasx July 20, 2010
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sha-maw-NEE kroo


2. Similar to a landing strip but the hair is cut closer to the skin at a shaver level of no greater than number 3. Also referred to as a “gosh sarge”.

2. A Chamonix Crew is a group of partygoers who reside in Chamonix, France. They must be known to consume mass quantities of wine and whiskey and to start impromptu disco techs in mountain restaurants. The women in the crew always enjoyed a good Duncaning (verb present participle of Duncan). They are usually led by a couple described as a perfect Karen and a tremendous Trevor. Not to be confused with a complimentary crew in Chamonix often lead by a charming Billie or a man described as The Sam or “le Chef”.

3. A reverse Mohawk received only after using ones head as a battering ram and getting a center line shave.
She asked for the special wax and ended up with a Chamonix crew.

A Chamonix Crew rolled through the valley and have it a good Duncaning!

After bashing his head with a T-post driver he had to get a Chamonix crew.
by Mr-Gus March 17, 2019
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