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When a person with a full-time professional career (i.e. doctor, engineer, lawyer) spends all their extra money and free time on high end ski gear and ski trips. Professional ski bums live for winter and will spend any amount of money and PTO to indulge their powder hound desires. Within reason. Professional ski bums are differentiated from regular ski bums by their desires to also own a home, have a girlfriend, a nice car, a career, a retirement plan, and to smell nice.
Professional Ski Bum 1: I have saved up 20 days of PTO! We should take a killer trip to Chamonix this season!

Professional Ski Bum 2: I just bought a pair of skis during the DPS Dreamtime that would make shredding Chamonix sick!

Co-worker: So what are you doing this weekend?

Professional Ski Bum: I'm going skiing.

Co-worker: Skiing? But it's the middle of August!? It hasn't snowed for months, and it won't snow for a few weeks more!

Professional Ski Bum: Uhh, it's winter in Patagonia, and Bariloche is supposed to get close to 2 feet! FYI, I won't be in the office on Monday. Or Tuesday. And possibly Wednesday.
by Helluva Engineer September 11, 2019
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Noun: an amateur cook with limited cooking skills that is considered to be a fancy chef by simple folk.

Derived from the French Saucier or sauce chef. While implying French suave sophistication, a Saucifer is not French. Nor is a Saucifer skilled in the art of making the classic mother sauces, or any sauce for that matter. The repertoire of a Saucifer is often limited to generously slathering grilled meat in KC Masterpiece barbecue sauce from a freshly opened bottle. Oddly, the term originates in Texas, and is particularly common in West Texas, where anything sophisticated or French is considered repugnant.
Caleb: These ribs are amazing, and the freedom fries are to die for! Y'all really need to get yourself some!

Travis: Yup! Liam is the bestest Saucifer there is!
by Helluva Engineer July 27, 2021
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