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a cross between a skank and a sleaze.
generally a guy who sleeps around and expects girls to still like him.

female version: skeaze-whore
you slept with my best friend last night and now you want to get with me? you're such a skeaze!
by charli88 December 29, 2005
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n. a totally gross and indesirable guy
Ugh! I can't believe he tried to touch me. What a total skeaze!
by Abatron August 08, 2004
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Verb - to try to pick up a girl but by being a total dirt ball in the process; a much more negative connotation than skeem; usually best used when followed with an "up"; when you say he's skeazing up on her it is also somewhat implying he is sneaking up on her; will go as far as to use some sort of date rape drug to get the girl alone with him
Look at that chaatch bag skeazing up all over that girl.
He's trying to skeaze up on that bitch.
How many girls have you skeazed on tonight?
by Jaiye March 13, 2006
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Anything you want it to be, or the 8th dwarf from snow white.
That girl is such a skeaze. Im skeazing for some pancakes. I hate you and your skeazing mom too. Sleepy, Dopey, DOc, Skeazey etc. etc.
by TheSK34Z3bag December 28, 2003
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A skanky sleaze; someone putting on the moves in a sleazy (but sometimes) invited manner!
You are acting like a skeaze! (but keep doing what you're doing!)
by TM of Skeaze July 27, 2012
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