A slang alternate to the word penis.
"I am going to slap you right in the face with my meat log", said Marcus.
by Jame Ski July 29, 2014
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A mans Cock, penis, hog,boytoy,etc
I was giving him my meatlog and blasted him with my cock snot
by Mikie J. December 29, 2004
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When two erect males gently touch tips as they both take turn in stroking both penises at one time
Ryan and Mitch are meat logging they cant get enough of that sweet motion
by black panther 52 November 13, 2014
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It basically means a massive penis and was thought up the genius Charlie Flo himself
"Wow look at that Polish Meat Log!"
"Word around the office is you have a Polish Meat Log!"
by Chaseroonee July 2, 2015
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She slowly grabbed and started eating my meat log
by Tetsuo Percival January 5, 2019
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A meat log can be either hard or floppy ans is over 5.3 inches or it is considered a sitck
"Dude out that stick in me"
"It"s a massive meat log bro but it's going in anyway"
"Sure thing bro"
by Big Tipiler Cylinder February 15, 2020
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