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Worse than a regular skank, a skankbag is a skank who has offended you personally with their skankyness.
That skankbag just hit me with the ball! I'll fuck her up!
by Your bald headed granny October 04, 2004
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A woman really bad credit, bleach blonde hair, a fake bake sun tan which has added 15 years of wrinkles to her face, borderline anorexic who wears half-shirts that display her multiple c-sections, who has many kids from many men (usually the first one while she was still in high school), who shacks up with your buddy because he pays all of the bills and she won't let him out of her sight for fear he will find a better deal (any other chick with less kids, better credit). It seems like a good deal for your pal in the beginning because the baby's daddy's kept all the kids, but she then will lay claim to everything in your buddy's life: his house, his car, his golf vacations, his steak knives... etc.
My buddy is being used by that skank bag... She will probably get him to pay for her kids' college.
by Iowa October 14, 2006
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An derogatory reference to overpriced, designer hand bags, especially those made by Louis Vuitton and worn by Paris Hilton.
She's not nearly as sleazy as her skankbag would suggest.
by skankbagger March 11, 2011
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a rediculously overpriced handbag (usually of the louis vuitton variety) bought solely because clueless whores will by anything the fashion industry says is in style and worn by an 'in-fashion' girl to demonstrate to all that she is indeed a whore/skank.

see also “Louis Vuitton Whores”
Derek: look at that louis vuitton whore with her skankbag

Dave: yeah, i'll bet a fiver that more than 78% of the items in there are vaginal wipes, condoms and cocaine related paraphernalia.

Derek: deal, u forgot the skanky face paint to hide her Skeletor like face - thats gotta be at least 36% of it.

Dave: ok, i'll go tip her over and we'll see.
by roamingandy March 14, 2011
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A person you hate who is not necessarily a skank, but acts like one in the effort of trying to be a skank /whore or, quite possibly, a slut. In this case can indeed be a male I am referring to who may indeed be a total and complete cunt. Therefore, cunt can be used interchangeably with skank as you see necessary and proper. This person is a douchebag but that term fails to express their d-bag-ness.

Also this said skankbag (cunt!) may pretend to be friends with you, only to use you to find parties/girls/friends/alcohol and may use you as a ride to reach these said things. Then, after the above things have been obtained may in fact ditch you for these new friends etc. which they used you to get. May even stoop as low as to use going to your house as an excuse for their parents to sleepover somewhere for a whorish party. Now this said Skankbag will no longer bother hanging out with you but may pretend to care just so as to keep future possibilities open, but in fact does not care about you at all and would rather drink and smoke with these new friends and fellow skankbags. A complete asshole and horrible friend, you kinda don't care if they get an STD for being such a fucking cunt!
Wow, Pat turned out to be a total fucking cunt. I can't believe i wasted my time with that skankbag. He can go smoke a dick. He truly is a horrible friend and a manwhore Fuck!
by jessmont April 30, 2009
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A skankbag is any person who is being particularly annoying to you at that moment in time. The person being annoyed has the right to call said annoying person a skankbag at any given point in the time of their annoying-ness.
Kaycee: Do you remember that dress you tried on at the store that didn't fit that you really liked?

Taylor: Yes.

Kaycee: Well, I bought it for me and it looks great!

Taylor: You're a skankbag!!!
by K.CTheDyingReindeer March 30, 2009
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