A very satisfying, face screwing raving moment, when you can proper let loose and go wild with the dirty drum & bass beats.
That was bloody brilliant, I really needed a good skank out!
by lil~raver February 02, 2013
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To make yourself purposefully look like a slutty skank/whore/prostitute.
1. Steph: Eww did you see her profile picture?

Theresa: Yeah...why do so many girls skank out? Desperate much?

2. Alex: Miley Cyrus completely skanked out!

Mitchel: Umm no she was always that way.
by BlackLightExposure January 28, 2010
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A girl who drops out of college because she was too busy being a skank to do her school work.
"Kattie looks like she's been around huh?"

"Oh yeah. She's a skank out."
by mickey l brown January 30, 2008
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When a female who is generally well behaved lets her actual personality come out and reveals her skanky side.
When I told her I couldn't pick her up, she totally started skanking out on me.
by unraged June 22, 2009
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a young girl who is a loser,poser and/or fake
Kid #1- Did you see Mary's Fall Out Boy shirt?
Kid #2- Yeah, she thinks shes a fan?
Kid #1- What a skanked-out fuckface
by kaits not clever October 07, 2005
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Dancing to Dub Step. The dance consist of alternative arm flailing followed by a forward jolt of the head to the beat of the music.

Invented by Oli C
Person 1: "Mate thats a phat beat!"
Person 2: "Give it the parkinsons skank out!"
by jimnablazed July 14, 2009
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