mean hot or even fine
That girl is sizzlin.
by ZanderM December 2, 2005
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Synonym of 'saying'; to understand
"Know what im sizzlin?" -tech n9ne-
by Anonymous March 17, 2003
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used to express that you’re feeling amazing in a vv lit way, superlative of cookin; cookin, boilin, sizzlin.
“how you doin fam?”
“i’m boilin, u?”
"bruh i’m sizzlin”
by therealbruh69 November 3, 2018
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Cops (pigs/bacon) who park their cars, often out of sight, and wait for some sort of crime such as speeding to occur so they can give a ticket.
Slow down, bro, I think we just passed some sizzlin' bacon hiding behind that bush.
by T-Bizzcuit May 16, 2010
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Pouring a package of Pop-Rocks into a persons anus, and using semen to activate them.
We got a bit wild last night, and I gave her a Sizzlin' Frenchy.
by luciferrodeo April 7, 2010
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The coolest gang in the world. They are so gangsta you can't even handle the THUGness. They are from the southest of the south sides. Their blood type is grape koolaid because they are so black.
Yo, gurl. I cut that sizzlin' twin bitch with my knife so hard, she bled grape Koolaid! It was sticky as fuck, yo! Da sizzlin' twinz was too gangsta fo' me!
by Da Sizzlin' Twinz November 5, 2013
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One who spent a week at Camp Maranatha under the leadership of Jer Bear and Lauren, yelling his/her heart out to win the Common Ground Cup. Jesus is a Sizzlin Snakes best friend!
S- the Sizzlin Snakes
I- intrude your ground
Z- we're zesty, zesty
L- leaders of the camp
I- into the Lord
N- number one
Sizzlin, Sizzlin SNAKES!!!!!!!!!
by Co-captain October 16, 2003
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