5 definitions by couldntthinkofausername

An internet shrine dedicated to the god of porn, Johnny Sins.
Tonight, it's Brazzers time.
by couldntthinkofausername February 12, 2017
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The result of being pounded in the asshole by a very large cock.
Her anal gape became more apparent as she bent over and spread her asscheeks.
by couldntthinkofausername February 12, 2017
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The act of roughly shoving a large cock up someone's ass, often followed by fast-paced anal sex.
It became apparent that Sally would be unable to sit through this train ride due to the significant ass stuffing she'd received just minutes ago.
by couldntthinkofausername February 12, 2017
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A person who sinks to their knees in the presence of a gloriously huge cock. Actions that follow as a result of such obsession often include licking, sucking, slurping, head bobbing, deepthroating, gagging, glugging, nut gargling, turkey slapping, facials and swallowing.
Katie: "OMG Becky, you're such a size queen! This is going on Snapchat!!"
Becky: "Shut up Katie, you know you want it too!" *slurping*
by couldntthinkofausername February 12, 2017
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I'm such a cock munching butt slut. I love slurping up and down a massive shaft, working his cock with my mouth and hands. My saliva mixes with his precum while I start gagging on his glorious rod of fuckmeat. Once he's had enough with fucking my throat raw and slapping his egg-sized balls against my chin I offer my ass to him, he swiftly plants his dick deep in my ass with little resistance. My saliva lubes up his cock so he starts pounding my ass immediately. I feel so satisfied with his cock in my ass, it feels like the most natural thing in the world. My butt just feels like empty space when it's not stuffed full of big, hard, yummy cockmeat. What would I do without cocks?
Katie: "Wow Sally, you really can take a huge dick. Who knew?"
Sally: "Mmmmfff!!!!" *enthusiastically looks up and nods, the giant cock still stuffing her slutty mouth*
Katie: *snaps pic and adds caption* "Your boyfriend probably isn't going to like you being such a cock munching butt slut. Should I send it to him?"
Sally: *pulls cock out of mouth and slaps her face with it, winking* "I want him to know he'll never compare to such a big cocked stud. Let him have it!" *slides cock into her lubed ass and twerks up and down on that heavenly fuckmeat*
by couldntthinkofausername October 17, 2017
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