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A term that refers to higher taxes being imposed on unhealthy products or activities, such as tobacco, alcohol, and gambling—their wallet-unfriendly prices aim to deter people from indulging in them.
The sin tax has benefited a number of poorer countries, which have channeled the extra revenue for educational purposes, such as awarding grants and providing financial assistance to needy students.
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by MathPlus December 12, 2016
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A sin tax is a tax beyond normal sales tax on certain items that are thought to be harmful. The most common example is the tax on tobacco. The tax on gasoline and inefficient/polluting motor vehicles is another example. Sin taxes exist to drive up the cost of and therefore reduce the use of harmful products such as gasoline and tobacco.
The new sin tax on tobacco is forcing some people to quit.
by blenheimears May 14, 2009
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Used for the composition of sentences full of innuendos and vulgar language. Mostly used in chats. Resembling the word 'syntax'
D: What did you chat about with her?
H: This and that. But her latest sintax was pretty hot. I think we will hit it off soon.
by Thoronto April 30, 2007
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