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when something going on live is simultaneously put on the internet through a site like twitter, facebook, or some other kind of blog; a simulcast online, using a close captioning without the video. typing news via text as a true "eyewitness news person".
I missed that part of the press conference because I was too busy simultyping on my blackberry. (or) I don't like when people simultype concerts on Twitter, and later on upload shitty quality videos on youtube of the concert. (or) Did he really just simultype that President Obama farted at the All Star Game?
by MillsFokk August 05, 2009
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Simultype is the act of typing a line of dialogue in a chat room or text chain at the same time another person is typing, creating two different conversations, each based off of the same original message.
Alice: I had a black cat once
Bob: I don't like cats
Alice: I like black
Bob: Simultype
by Jack Asher February 01, 2014
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