the capri-sun guy who travels across worlds to refresh kids, often mistaken for a villian
i dont know think of one using the silver surfer
by joel L. June 25, 2007
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Amazing Martial Artist specifically in Brazilian Jiu jitsu. Destroys everyone at tournaments and competitions.
Did you see the Silver surfer smash that guy in the finals! He's amazing!
by idonnosomething December 16, 2009
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The definition of silversurfer: A human being, that is hard stuck or struggles to get out of silver. Or an idiot you lane against that is complete garbage. (talking about the salty moba called League of Legends)
holy shiet you are a silver surfer, hey guys im a silversurfer pls boost me. I AM NOT A SILVERSURFER.
by ketsuya June 06, 2017
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When a man has sex with a woman while using a a tin foil condom. This act is usually followed up by a the cosmic power.
"I totally hurt myself when I silver surfer my girlfriend last week"
by Lukas Lunacy September 23, 2007
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