Someone who is over 50 who uses the Internet, silver meaning the colour of hair commonly associated with the over 50s.
My Dad is a silver surfer.
by James Padgett April 9, 2004
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A sex position where you have the Mrs in doggy style (ass up face down) and you mount her from behind on your knees and swing one of your feet over her shoulder and put it on her head / face (bare foot) and you grab both her arms and hold them while you put weight on the side of her face with your foot and the other knee. Next begin thrusting deep inside her.
Dude; "hey buddy you know that chick I took home last night"

Buddy; "ya dude, what happened?"
Dude; " I did the silver surfer to her last night"

Buddy; " awesome dude"
Dude; " ya she loved it"
by mak6 April 15, 2011
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The act in which a man ejaculates on a woman's feet and then proceeds to give her a foot massage.
Dude, I totally gave Suzy a silver surfer last night!
by tomphoofer August 11, 2007
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the capri-sun guy who travels across worlds to refresh kids, often mistaken for a villian
by joel L. June 26, 2007
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When a man has sex with a woman while using a a tin foil condom. This act is usually followed up by a the cosmic power.
"I totally hurt myself when I silver surfer my girlfriend last week"
by Lukas Lunacy September 23, 2007
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1. (n) A comic book character

2. A Complete state of beyond failure. Recognizable by a person that is bent over on his/her knees and covering their face with their arm.
Person 1: Oh shit! he just crashed his dad's mustang!

Person 2: It looks like he's Silver Surfer
by markusalkemus66 April 22, 2009
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