What America puts on the tips of their bullets, because it is so hard. Depleted Uranium is known to cause birth defects after uranium dust had been inhaled or drank after it leeched into the water system. using depleted uranium should be considered a warcrime.
"We went to a hospital in Southern Iraq,
and a woman was there with a very deformed child and
her husband had been in the Iraqi Army and had been
in the battles in Southern Iraq and
came home and they produced a baby with very severe
malformations... Both the Leukemia rates in children and
malformations at birth had increased by 600%
and it was clearly an epidemic where all this
Depleted uranium had been dumped... It becomes a dust that can be inhaled and infect the blood stream and the rest
of the body and it was the opinion of the
doctors there that this was caused by depleted uranium...
They simply saw this as being a direct result of the
war by United States."

-U.S. Representative, Jim McDermott
by the dark wanderer November 6, 2007
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