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SNT: Social Network Telepathy.

When posting on a forum using very little information and still getting your point across. Often used when the "poster" decideds the subject has too many details to describe or possibly forgets everything but the actual event. The recipiant always catches the reference or the point of the post.

Very similar to telepathy but through a Social Network...
Person #1: Hey, Beck! Remember that time when I came to your house and that one thing happened? yeah, lets do that again.
Person #2: Oh yes!! that was so much fun, how's friday?
#1: Perfect, wow you cought on really quickly!
#2: Yeah, i've perfected SNT
by MyRanda March 04, 2012
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An Acronym for Saturday Night Thread, a blog thread posted on the web site for the visitors to discuss matters of their own choosing.
Happy SNT, what's everyone doing tonight?
by MystieMei March 05, 2007
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an acronym standing for "so not that/this serious." usually used in text messaging or instant messaging. sometime used in speech by the "omg, brb, g2g, ttyl" crowd
friend 1: that taxi almost hit me!!!
friend 2: this is new york... snts
by random acronym maker April 28, 2009
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