to act greedy in a certtain matter
(1 PERSON)Hey man can I get some gum ?
(1 PERSON) you shysty
by Isaiah May 16, 2003
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used to call someone or something wack
Amy: your a bozooo
James: stop being shysteeeee
by boongloo March 17, 2020
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Selling stolen or "hot" goods/items.
I hear you're shysting LED's.

Were you shysting TV's last week?
by WpgRacing May 5, 2006
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He shysted my money!
by Fragno October 22, 2003
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In English it refers to someone who is shady. In German it means shit.
American: Watch out for John, he's a real shyster.

German: Deiner mutter ist eine shyst Kopf.
by cactusbin April 19, 2009
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Shyste is when you withhold information or material possessions from another.
Man you're so shyste. You need to come off of it.
by Rob weav October 19, 2013
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