Its origin is merely a misspelling of the word "suave". In essence it is the embodiment of cool, smooth, and/or elegant. It accompanies many suffixes, and is compatible to anyone through a simple changing of the v in shwa-v-y. For example, you can be shwaxy, or shwazy. It can also be used as a sign of affirmation, such as the word "Bet". Invented by Harley Checo after a pivotal moment in an essay where he couldn't remember the spelling to suave. Instead of taking the time to look up the word in a dictionary, he took the initiative to invent his own word. A growing sensation, shwavy has taken the world by storm.

The word is typically accompanied by "spocking" someone, however this is kept in close circles. Offering to spock someone and not knowing him well is a sign of disrespect, and you will be deemed a loser and beaten.
1."Woah, that was cool"
"No, that was shwavy"

2. " Ay man, those sneakers are fresh"
"What? Did you just call my shwavy sneakers fresh? how dare you?!?"

3."I can dig it"

4." That was deep. spock me on that one"
by ibe3zy April 28, 2010
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shwavy has no exact definition it is the embodiment of cool in a person therefore making a person shwavy or the essence of cool in an action therefore making the action shwavy shwavy is a mood, description, and a life style
This kid is shwavy
YOOOOO that was shwavy

That rap was shwavy
by |DD.|33 April 27, 2010
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