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Shtoobs which can also be pronounced as shtoops comes from a great movie called kids. Like its predecessors dup, word, aight, etc... it is a form of understanding. It can be used in different forms such as a noun or verb. You will have to take a look at the examples to get a full feel for the word. To be honest there is no bad time to use shtoobs. try it out.. youll be the hit of the party
Steve: hey bro you wanna toke this doob?
Pearl: SHTOOBS neezie

another example

Steve: man, did you piece on that bitch last night.
Pearl: dude i hit it for an hour and then released my shtoobs on her face.
by John Wilkes Booth October 15, 2004
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a slang word for OH HELL YEA! this is usually said in response to a comment or idea you think is awesome!
Hey, you want to go to the strip club dressed as Santa Clauses?
by Joshua burnsbagger February 07, 2011
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An unpleasantly awkward situation, often because of past incidences or inside information.
-Oh yeah, I ran into her before I came over, but I didn't invite her.
-Oh yeah, that'd be pretty shtoobs, considering what happened up in NY while we were on break.
-Yeah, word is bond, so I just said Hi.
by ioioio December 20, 2005
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Prodding device used to press spillage from a joint back into a world of neatness.
Gertrude: "Oh fiddlesticks, I can't get this roach in."

Tyrone: "Fear not oh impatient one, this chinese chopstick can be used as a shtoob."

Gertrude: "Thanks Tyrone, hey what do you think happens if i put my finger in a plug socket..."
by Daniel Burgess January 13, 2004
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A single hair extending farther out from the body when compared to the surrounding hairs. Not typically on one's head.
Has that shtoob gotten longer Henry?
by Jeff ha ha August 09, 2003
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