The twin of HuvvyPatty. Although he is way weaker than his brother he can still hold a fight with Ricardo Da Stinki and Pradyun. Some of his feats are producing all the beats for the hit songs 1965, Launch Control, Pop Off, Thum, and Da Chain off of the number 1 album Oak. He is also a very skilled swordsman, notoriously dueling the Grand Viceroy of the Republic of ORAD THE GREAT with nothing but his trusty katana; γ‚°γƒͺジーガッシャー or Glizzy Gasher. Being called Shrub means you are musically gifted and good at combat.
Ayo did you hear that new song produced by Shrub? Dat shit was flames bruh...
by Slater89 November 09, 2020
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