a dominant homosexual convict man that preys on a weaker man that may or may not be gay in the mens shower of any lock-up situation usually in the penitentiary where he has been confined for any length of time and needs some loving he will find it by forcefully overpowering another man!!!
i gotta watch my back in the showers... yesterday i caught this fool eyeballing me... this shower shark might try to get crazy
i'm taking my shank with me if this fools try to play me i'm not going to have any choice but to take this straight to his neck... homie don't play that
by eighty-six October 19, 2007
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a gay person, someone who would cruise the mens shower looking for some penis meat to eat.
quit starin fool, what are you a fuckin shower shark?
by elcochinoe November 1, 2003
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A bathroom tweaker who only smokes their glass dick when they are claiming to be in the shower, that way the dope smoke can be disguised with the steam from the shower, and they don't have to share because as far as anyone knows all they did was really take a shower....
My man is acting like a SHOWER SHARK because he doesn't want to share the pipe and keeps insisting that he isn't even lit, when I know he was smoking in the shower!
by DeLiReOuS! March 25, 2007
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The homosexual tendency for an inmate to glance at another while showering in jail or prison. A shower shark will usually stand casually on the upper tier pretending to chill or talk, then when the opportunity strikes, glance at their victim in the lower level shower. Shower Sharks also walk by inmates showering and catch a quick glance.
"Despite what people may say, I am not a Shower Shark!" "Yo...check that dude Shower Sharkin' it!"
by Loudakris May 16, 2013
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Shower-sharking: Looking for deviant sex in community showers by mentally ill perverts I.E. the gym or military training facilities.
Ktard was kicked out of the military for shower-sharking and licking the debris off the shower drains.
by Coolguy Canuck March 2, 2016
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