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generally whilst your urinating in a public bathroom at a urinal stall with men doing the same or in the showers of a gym/P.E. classes... basically any point in time you may be "exposed" in the company of several men familiar or otherwise unfamiliar; you catch a man looking at your privates a little to long to be a casual glance... you actually see a twinkle in his eyes and perhaps a smirking grin and possibly licking of his lips and your getting a creepy feeling and it's making you uncomfortable and even irritable... "penis watcher" lol... "sharky"
oh man, that buy was funny... i caught him checking out my package :) LOL that dude was straight "peter gazing" i think his new name should be "PETER GAZER" or perhaps we just nick name him "sharky" i mean you would think he was the "shower monitor"
by eighty-six December 26, 2008
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a dominant homosexual convict man that preys on a weaker man that may or may not be gay in the mens shower of any lock-up situation usually in the penitentiary where he has been confined for any length of time and needs some loving he will find it by forcefully overpowering another man!!!
i gotta watch my back in the showers... yesterday i caught this fool eyeballing me... this shower shark might try to get crazy
i'm taking my shank with me if this fools try to play me i'm not going to have any choice but to take this straight to his neck... homie don't play that
by eighty-six October 19, 2007
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