The tradition of a same-sex group gathering for the purpose of showering together. Usually the activity takes place with the most intimate of friends who are comfortable enough to bond in nude. The activity generally celebrates positive themes of group friendship, such as ethnic diversity or similar taste in music, and can last from fifteen minutes to an hour, depending on the slowest person to "finish". (originates from the state Washington, United States)
Hey Ricardo, don't miss the shower party tonight! We are welcoming a new friend and we're probably going to put on the Kill Bill 2 soundtrack.
by Greenray April 6, 2009
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The pre-lash party that occurs in the communal showers at the sports centre after a tough training session, involving booze, music, and showers.
Usually, it is used as an excuse to pre-drink for a big night out when training finishes late.
Girl 1: "What is all that music coming from the changing rooms?"
Girl 2: "Yeah, the basketball girls are having a shower party."

Girl 1: "Training ends pretty late tonight, I won't have time to pre-drink"
Girl 2: "Just come to the shower party!"
by psypb2 May 6, 2013
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A party that accours in a shower between a group of individuals that will often include dick comparing,cock slapping,towel willing, and many other similar activities.
Often accours between drunken groups,high ranking cadets,male bros
Cadet Sargent Major "hey bro are you coming for a shower party "
Cadet corporal " sure who else is coming"
Cadet Sargent major "oh just the the regulars *
by Kyle mclachlan August 14, 2016
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When 5+ people take a laxative and shit in on a girl during an orgy
Feeling freaky for a Chicago Shower Party
by a deaf guy November 23, 2022
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Having a shower during a party with fellow party goers. Usually keep on underwear though nudity is acceptable depending on the guests. Much more fun if done drunk and without couples.
Doug: So I'm totally throwing a party at my house later tonight.
Lisa: Sounds great, will there be a party shower involved?
Doug: Hell yea! Tell all your friends to come.
by BruceMclane December 16, 2010
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