A technique used by pot smokers were one person takes a hit of the weed, puts his hand around his mouth and blows the smoke in the persons mouth, basiclly 2 hits using less weed.
hurry bro gimme a shouty
by zack birmingham August 10, 2005
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another way to put shorty, mostley used by African Americans, in a gang tryin to get a girls attention.
Heyy Shoutie!
whats up shoutie?!
Thats my shoutie.
by Crysm September 29, 2006
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yelling in a very angry way (used in Great Britain.)
Sorry love, didn't mean to get all shouty-crackers.
by Dr. Heywood R. Floyd April 9, 2007
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To raise one's voice angrily in an exclamation of rage.
Derived from shout at to get shirty although completely different in meaning.
"Don't get shouty with me!"
"I'm not getting shouty."
"She was getting shouty with him"
"James got shouty several times last night."
"I do like to get shouty sometimes."

In less respectable areas of the UK it may be used like so;
"She was getting WELL shouty"
"He was getting ALL shouty"
however most people using the phrase like this have been shot at by Cal as this is a gross act of disrespect to the founders of this articulate expression of anger.
by Caledonia August 4, 2006
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A stage name, either used as a joke or as an insult. For somebody who literally always shouts the entire chorus in any song that they can originally sing/cover/parody.
Look, it’s Shabnam! She’s having a new movie, can’t wait to watch it.
Aw no, not Shouty Yellsthechorus…
by thecharacterwannie June 3, 2023
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The act of stimulating the prostate by yelling loudly towards the anal entry point
"woah - the girl gave me a great time last night ending with an epic shouty sanchez - I came like a prize mule!"
by Wuale May 14, 2016
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What dumbeldor called sprout at meeting chanwills0
Shouty sprouty
by Harry Potter fan same person December 31, 2022
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