Flustered and pompus, like you would be if someone asked you a question you find incredibly offensive. Happens a lot with teachers and snobby upperclassmen.

Another British bit of fun. Used in "Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging" and "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire". See snogging.
I asked Mrs. Wenger if she was PMSing, and she got all shirty with me.
by reader June 17, 2004
Drunken (British) brawler. Taken from the general style of getting drunk, starting fights and wearing dress shirts.
Mr. Bimbom got a bit shirty last night and started a fight with the bartender.
by dOCTOR t1969 April 26, 2007
The act of shooting a load on your t-shirt
Oh shit i gave my self a shirty and forgot to change
by gmeisterxx June 28, 2011
A picture taken of your shirt while it's on. Much like a selfie but only having the shirt visible.
Hey, did you see the shirt I bought? No? I'll take a shirtie and send it to you.
by JDuke33 February 28, 2017
Getting dressed up for a night for a night out.

Wearing a smart shirt.
" you getting shirty tonight lad?"
"Didn't know you was getting shirty!!? I look well underdressed now!"
by TheJSmann October 1, 2017
one who always wears a shirt because they are embarrassed by the way they look especially while swimming.
Look at the shirtie in the pool!!!
by Catbxny July 4, 2011
While wiping one's posterior region in a rush, there is a chance that the shitty paper will come in contact with the lower portion of one's shirt.
I had to be quick while shitting because Jonna wanted me to hoogaboogood her and I ended up giving myself a dirty shirty.
by AlBlank August 22, 2006