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A fanon song by the fanon character Shabnam.
Released on 8 April 2022 as the second single from her album Dollshi.
Genres: dance-pop, electropop, electro house, teen pop, eurodance, bubblegum dance, bubblegum bass.
Party with Sour is my fave Shabnam song.
by thecharacterwannie December 4, 2022
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A funny girl who loves telling jokes.
She will be willing to be your friend
Everyone loves her
Hey! Have you seen Uschi?
Yes, she’s getting ice cream!
by thecharacterwannie September 16, 2022
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someone who makes dogs pee on the keyboard
argh you're a psychochen!!!
your dog emdah just peed on the keyboard.
all because you made him do it.
by thecharacterwannie July 14, 2022
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An American award show where Olivia Rodrigo performed her song traitor live.
JoJo Siwa also had blonde long wavy hair and wore an black dress that would've looked perfect on Shabnam.
PERSON 1:Olivia rodrigo performed her song Traitor live at the American Music Awards!
person 2:yayayayayayayayayay the AMAS
by thecharacterwannie August 19, 2022
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I said “penny and stephanie runs over oliver bridge” AKSHAKSJSKAJSKS
by thecharacterwannie July 23, 2022