To thank someone for something they have done. A word often used by South African youths.
"Shot for the good times we've had"
"Shot for coming to my party dude"
"That was a really cool present, shot"
by emzvanz August 17, 2006
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when a human is clueless 25 hours of the day, does nothing productive, and is wasting good air
Nicholas Joseph sat on his ass all day, that kids shot.
by Khev October 27, 2010
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When production has been halted due to equipment not being shipped on time.
We would have been done if we weren’t shotted.
by DTCFD February 18, 2019
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Verb: To shot is to sell something, usually recreational drugs such as weed. It comes from the phrase to "get shot of something" (to get rid of it)
Hey do you shot shrooms? I'd rather like to purchase some please
by Aidan Brooks June 01, 2005
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passing responsibility to the next person, who can then pass it on to someone else
go wash the car... shot not
by ferralist1 May 19, 2010
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