When there is absolutely no chance that something happened/or is true. The phrase first gained popularity when it was heard echoing from a shipping container somewhere in Austin, Texas. It can even be traced back to an individual named Tyler "Dimmadomefuck" Niknam, from whom it spread like a virus.

It is typical for people who have adapted this phrase to use it continuously to the point where it becomes frustrating. Saying "No shot" ad nauseam has been linked with heavy cocaine use and having sudden bald spots appear.
"I did not commit the murder, i swear!"
"No shot, bucko! Vote him out."

"There should be equal treatment of men and women in this workplace."
" NOOO Shot!"
by Sauha_ September 02, 2020
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Indicating that an action has no chance in happening whatsoever.
Dude: When i grow up, i'm gonna be a successful millionaire.

Other Dude: no shot
by anonymousanswer October 16, 2010
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A tag used by board users when they say something stupid.
Hi! I'm Omochao! I'm here to help you! *shot*
by dj gs68 July 16, 2003
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/shot is Internet slang for iliterally being shot by someone. It is most often used jokingly, after saying something stupid, troll-like, or anything else worth being shot over.
I love starting flame wars all over the Internet /shot
Spamming your inbox with countless links is my hobby /shot
Needs more desu! /shot
by crazymuffin7 March 06, 2011
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When a group of people have to designate someone to do something for the group (ex. get beer, get napkins, get ketchup, or other stuff like that), someone calls shot not and places a finger on their nose. the last person to put their fingers on their noseand yell "shot not" or "shot" for short is the loser and has to do the activity that no on wanted to do. most of the time there are multiple shot nots, and they are called by the loser who is just trying to get someone else to do it, but you shouldn't participate in those shot nots because they are not real.

online shot nots do not count unless there is a chat room with more than 4 people in it.
person 1: dude we need some ketchup
person 2: yea who the hell forgot the ketchup
person 3: someone has to get it
person 1: SHOT not (and puts finger on nose)
person 3: SHOT NOT (and puts finger on nose)
person 2: SHOT NOT(and puts finger on nose)
person 4: aww shit (has to get ketchup)
by chris bassano December 11, 2005
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To take a screen shot, in paste tense.
I had screen shotted the information on my desktop and emailed it to her.
by DNAGuy August 17, 2020
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