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A MMORPG that lets you play in two different nations.

There is El Morad, which is Human, and Karus, which consists of Orcs.

There is also a Barbarian 'nation', you can only make a Warrior if you are a Barbarian.

This game is usually crowded with idiotic Turks, 98% of which cannot speak English properly and uses KoXP, a hacking program used to level up faster in the game.

This game is also filled with idiots that want to ruin the game for others, like luring high-leveled monsters into towns, killing everyone that is trying to stay AFK, selling their items to other players.

Overall, this game can be fun and addicting, but the huge amount of hackers and Turks running around in the game can be frustrating.
Knight Online is a good game, but has been overrun by idiotic Turks.
by krazykushluk August 18, 2006
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Commonly known as KO, results in mental retardedness, supioriorly pissed off mood swings, a burning desire to kill the Turkish nation.

May Quit school
May have no life/friends
May never leave home
May kill yourself
...May kill your parents for touching internet switch ^_^ (I did, best move I ever made!)
Man I fucking hate Knight Online and them Turkish bastards but I feel I must play and regain my lvl 80 character which was stolen by several Turks, 3 times over!
by DannyTheMan April 16, 2007
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An addicting game that results in you quitting school and living in your mom and dads house 'till you die. Played by nerds all over the world, including Turkey where all they do is play this game 24/7...
KO_Addict7621 : "Hey Fire_Head568QRVX! Lets play Knight Online all day."

Crack_Head568QRVX: "Sounds great I'll go quit my job and drop out of highschool...brb"
by I_<3_Nerds January 07, 2006
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An online game that is filled with users only able to say : slm, aga, baba, yer varmy a.q., coins plzzzzzzzz, clan+?, party plzzzzzzzzzz.

Knight online
American hosted servers.
Population : 80% Turks 20% Americans
by American player August 16, 2006
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