The opposite of shoplifting (secretly removing desired merchandise from a store), this act involves ADDING items to a store shelf that you do NOT want, and which you wish to be rid of but prefer not to pay the disposal fees. Can be especially handy for non-violently getting even with the personnel of a certain business establishment who has previously been undeservedly rude/surly to you, since you can gloat about the fact that now THEY will have to pay for the disposal of said unwanted merchandise.
The holier-than-thou clerk at the corner video-game store was really obnoxious to me when I merely asked politely if I could please use the phone to call my parents and let them know I'd be late, so I did a little shopdropping with my obsolete game cartridges.
by QuacksO August 18, 2016
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Also known as reverse shoplifting, shopdropping describes the act of sneaking specifically marked items into a shop and placing them on display. This technique can be used for public art, to promote political views or advertise your services. In grocery stores, the labels on canned goods are replaced with art motives. T-Shirts with political messages are smuggled into normal retail outlets and cleaver fitness trainers place their business cards in weight-loss books.
Similar to the way street art stakes a claim to public space for self expression, shopdropping subverts commercial space for artistic use.
by Marcus Buettemeyer December 25, 2007
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The opposite of shoplift: to leave something you want to be rid of (but don't have the heart to simply throw away) on the shelves of a store.
The mug my grandmother got me for Christmas was so hideous I had to shopdrop it the next time I went to Target.
by ClevelandRox September 14, 2010
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when u wait outside a shop and ask people to go in and buy bacci/drink for u
A: How we getting drink for tonight then?
B: Jus shopdrop minimarket
by whiteboy02 May 15, 2019
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Unlike shoplifting, shopdropping is the act of buying, or shoplifting items from a store, and secretly placing them inside a completely different store
Haha i shopdropped some gum last week
They thought i was shoplifting, after i explained what shopdropping was, they told me to do it every day!
by Cake Maniac June 23, 2019
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