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When a person tells a cashier at a store that the item they are purchasing is cheaper at another store when really it is not. Usually the purchaser makes up a fake cheaper price as to save money and not spend too much. Usually done at Wal-Mart.
That woman over there is shop thrifting, what a cheap bitch.
by J-Grizzle February 03, 2007
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Stealing from a thrift store because even thrift items are too expensive for yo broke ass.
Derived from the word Shoplifting.
"Hey dude, this cool porcelain cat is only fifty cents!"
"Nah, I'm broke as hell. I think it's small enough to fit in my pocket though, I'll just shopthrift it."

"Hey man, let's hit up the thrift stores while we're in Chicago."
"I just got fired, I ain't got no change to spare."
"Man, you should know by now I meant we were gonna go shopthrifting. Everything's free!"
by haleythelesbian June 03, 2013
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