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Cool; Awsome. This word is generally used as a substitute for cool.
This Hamburger is da' Shniz
by yo moma January 11, 2005
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A mystical un-common yet common slang for the female vagina.
A slang word used in the animated show South Park by the character m.r. garrison, also see badge.
John asked "Why does your grandmother have such a wrinkly shniz"?
by joshua r. d. November 04, 2007
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Chuck Norris' evil twin, who can possess even more ass kicking roundhouses to the face. possibly the most deadly white ninja in all of America.
once he got beat down, he looked up at the face of the Shniz, only to bow down in fear as he was curb-stomped.
by THEJOKESTING November 29, 2010
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A mixture of snot and jizz
Billy sais: I just shnizzed all over your moms giant black hole VAGINER!!!!!
by Fuckmcduck August 26, 2008
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