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A religion with the beliefs that all things were created from shit. And this thing called shit broke off into smaller pieces of shit to form galaxies and planets. Shit was created by the supreme turd Duda'h (The Mighty Doo Doo Turd)and its worshippers read from The Book of Duda'h about the awesome powers of the shit-turd. The Book of Duda'h teaches that The Mighty Doo Doo Turd communicated to chosen people through what is called a "Hawning" where The Mighty Doo Doo Turd births himself into living form in a host during defecation. Those people who do not believe in the powers of The Mighty Doo Doo Turd are anti-shittists.
The Shittist religion is the only true religion!!!!!!!!! All praise due to The Mighty Doo Doo Turd.
by Mr. Dwayne June 14, 2008
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1.) a person who shits his/her pants a lot
2.) a person who makes use of fecal matter with sex partners
3.) slang for an idiot
i heard that kid was a shittist
by Whipshock July 23, 2003
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