Noun. Refers to a drink, invented by two Montreal university students named Pog and Kevin. It is composed of genever and plum nectar, roughly in equal proportions, thus blending the potent laxative power of the former with the anesthesic properties of the strong alcohol. The name also refers to the "shitstorm effect", frequently experienced by careless users.
Variants using other types of alcohol include:
-Russian Shitstorm (Vodka)
-Carribean Shitstorm (Brown Rhum)
Man, I had way too many shitstorms last night!
by KeV and PO October 14, 2007
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When a large flock of birds, flying overhead, all simultaneously release their bowels, spilling their shit all over you in a rain-like pattern.
Guy 1: Oh my god! Those bird just shit all over us!
Guy 2: Yes, it was a real shitstorm, I'll tell you!
Guy 1: Good thing I had my umbrella. The shit fell like rain.
Guy 2: Lucky you.
by Chiisu The Echihog May 31, 2006
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Someone who is a drunk mess, usually engaging in embarassing acts of drunkness.
Did you see Tom's drunk ass at the party last night? He was a real shit storm.
by special Kay dub September 13, 2009
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Horrible events that happen in the same time frame as one another. One after the other.
That simple traffic stop turned into a shitstorm!
by Spikespeigle February 11, 2019
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1) storm full of shit
2) to describe something as messy or convoluted
2) Your room is a shitstorm.
by Orediku May 19, 2018
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A phenomenon that commonly occurs when Dragonball Z fanboys engage in a debate pertaining to the strength of anime/manga characters.
-Fanboy: "omg goku pwnZ pre-crisis supeS while taking a shit omg lolz goku has limitless strength became GOD in GT he can rip the omnimultimegaverse with a fart"

-Dude A : "Faggot"

-Dude B : "shitstorm incoming"
by kmrdr January 14, 2014
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