A terrible mess that is created when something is inundated with a large amount of worthless crap.
by girlygirly6334 September 10, 2013
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When a large flock of birds, flying overhead, all simultaneously release their bowels, spilling their shit all over you in a rain-like pattern.
Guy 1: Oh my god! Those bird just shit all over us!
Guy 2: Yes, it was a real shitstorm, I'll tell you!
Guy 1: Good thing I had my umbrella. The shit fell like rain.
Guy 2: Lucky you.
by Chiisu The Echihog May 21, 2006
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Many, alot, infinite, inmeasurable, abounding, bountiful, copious, countless, numberless, numerous, plentiful, several, sundry, teeming. Usually used when refering to objects, or people. This means that there is a large or immeasurable quantity of a said object or people, such as enemy combatants.
1: "How many reds out there?"
2: "There's a shitstorm of them"
by Kevin Castro November 26, 2007
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a condition in which everyone involved, despite countermeasures gets covered in shit. a series of bad events happening all at once or within minutes of each other
It took about five minutes of the rodney king video and los angles was hit by a shitstorm
by harmon June 09, 2006
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When pressure is building up from all the shit contained in your ass that a storm is about to be unleashed. Possibly explosive diarrhea.
Young boy -"Hay el venir del shitstorm."
Sarah Connor -"What did he say?"
Old man -"He says there is a shitstorm coming."


Strap on your seatbelt and get your goggles on. I can feel there's a shitstorm coming...
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A kickass song by Strapping Young Lad. Very awesome to headbang to. A shitstorm is also precipitation of no other thing than shit. which would seriously suck for 2 reasons... cleanup, and the stench
person1: hey what's that smell??
person2: oh shit, the sky's gonna be shitting again! get the ponchos and gasmasks! We've got a shitstorm coming
by Metalhead of the Damned July 19, 2006
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a drink served at parties to unsuspected person/s.
ingredients-prun nectar and vodka on the rocks
Dave :Dude you going to my party?
Bruce :No way last time you gave everyone that fruity drink and the next day everyone stayed home on their toilet with the shits.
Dave : Dude I made everyone my famous shit storm.
by PizzaManDude August 18, 2013
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