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A horribly programmed iterator used on a hash table. Only useful if the data structure that it will be used on is designed around the concept of using the shiterator. A typical shiterator takes an integer in its first() method call. Thus defeating the purpose of an iterator.
Person 1: "Why am I getting a "No matching call" to iterate.first()?"
Person 2: "...first() takes an integer."
Person 1: "...the fuck?"
Person 2: "Yeah, I know, person 3 programmed a shiterator."

for(i = 0; i < table size; i++)




std::cout << iterator.current();

by sonofsonofspock December 11, 2010
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Any electric or lp-powered portable toilet used in marine or remote environments where plumbing is not practical to dispose of human waste. Its a shitter that burns the poo into ash when your done.
I really want to install a shiterator on my houseboat so I don't have to hire port-a-johnny to come and pump my shit out of a tank.
by thumbsupracing December 02, 2010
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