A horribly programmed iterator used on a hash table. Only useful if the data structure that it will be used on is designed around the concept of using the shiterator. A typical shiterator takes an integer in its first() method call. Thus defeating the purpose of an iterator.
Person 1: "Why am I getting a "No matching call" to iterate.first()?"
Person 2: "...first() takes an integer."
Person 1: "...the fuck?"
Person 2: "Yeah, I know, person 3 programmed a shiterator."

for(i = 0; i < table size; i++)




std::cout << iterator.current();

by sonofsonofspock December 11, 2010
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Scottish slang.

1. Your arsehole.

2. That which is shite.
1. Andy likes a finger in the shiter while his burd sucks him off.

2. 'Awright, mate, dae ye like ma new motor?'

'Nah, mate. It's a pure shiter.'
by Cabal December 6, 2017
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1, Gangstar word for shiting yourself

2, To release faecal matter from the anus with force, a necessity at a scat party
The tub girl shiterized herself
by Jon Bon Jovi June 2, 2006
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a word to decribe your arsehole
jesus fuckme I had a curry last night and now my shiter is buring like fuck.
by grumpyboy September 14, 2005
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v., In design, to continue exploring and versioning a series of bad decisions so that the longer the final product is worked on, the worse it becomes.

n., shiteration.

adj., shiterative
"Charlie can shiterate twenty more rounds of revisions with the client, but by initially selecting Papyrus as the primary typeface for the logo, it's always going to suck."
by CO_jcd January 18, 2018
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