(noun) A casual American chain restaurant where the interior walls are almost completely covered in busy, eclectic, kitschy, often discordant and erratically-arranged paraphernalia: pictures, photographs, artwork, license plates, road signs, sports equipment, antlers, newspaper clippings, Christmas lights, etc. Typically found in strip malls, shopping centers and restaurant parks. Cuisine tends to be pan-American. Examples: Chili's, Applebee's, TGI-Friday's, Bennigan's, Red Robin, Buca di Beppo, The Silver Diner, Cracker Barrel, Ruby Tuesday, Chevy's, Joe's Crab Shack, etc.
"Marie wanted to go to eat at this quaint little Italian bistro, but Dave had his heart set on one of those shit-on-the-wall places in Springfield Town Center."
by victoire August 15, 2006
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When your housemate get steaming drunk and comes home in the early hours of the morning and despite having keys in their pocket, they deem it necessary to defecate on the dividing wall between ones house and the neighbours.

As an act of tagging, the culprit leaves a momento such as a wallet at the scene.
Ben came home late last night
How was his night?
He took a shit on the wall
How did you know it was him?
He left his calling card
by chucky333 May 15, 2011
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noun. The process of throwing chemicals at a disease until something changes.
"shit-against-the-wall-pharmacology," credit to Barry Schuler @ TEDTalks.
by antiver. February 7, 2009
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"Shit (or Shits) me up the wall" is basically another way of saying "Drives me crazy", often used among Australians.

It's assumed to be similar to "Drives me up the wall", although nobody's quite sure what it means exactly. Still; it's commonly used.
The new girls' generation song is catchy but I don't wanna listen to it too much; getting songs stuck in my head shits me up the wall.
by procrastinatoress February 2, 2011
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When you’re so angry, you throw your shit upwards and get it all over the walls
It shits me up the wall when I can’t see my feet from under my stomach’
by Shitsmeupthewall May 31, 2019
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--Something your best friend says when you tell her that you like her brother, and her brother likes you. Therefore, Her brother and you will be dating.

--You can also use this phrase whenever you think you will be surprised, mad, or scared.

--It's a fun phrase to use.
Douche Fuck: I have something to tell you, but I'm scared...lol.
Ass Fart: What is it??? haha.
Douche Fuck: WELL, I like your brother, and he likes me, sooo we're gonna date each other.
by pshhlikeduh December 22, 2008
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Someone with so little intellect and awareness that they regularly shit on the wall instead of into the toilet.
He's a real shits on the wall moron.
by buttermilkmeeks August 6, 2019
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