A rotten, pungent odor infested armpit with visible stains soaking through the undershirt.
Adam's shirts are always nasty, his shit pits make the toilet at a rest stop look clean.
by horses May 26, 2006
1) A toilet, or place used as a toilet. Derived from army camps where pits were used to shit in.

2) Derogatory term to describe a place, bar, club, pub or anywhere that has unsanitary conditions or just shit music/drinks/women etc.
Student - "What do you think of my new digs?"
Parent - "Its a fucking shit pit!"

London is a shit pit
by Lambardo September 26, 2006
Shit Pit - Toilet. Also known as 'the wooden shit pit'.
Origin - medievil castle's toilets were often a large wooden board, that spans a pit. The pit was usually drained into a nearby brook or stream.
'' I need a second episode, where's the shit pit ? ''
by Samuel Mansell July 7, 2004
1.The act of wiping poop off of your poop dick in someone's armpit. The subsequent sight and smell may induce vomiting.

2. When a young girl who wears diapers gets crap in her infantile vagina. The mess can be described as a Shit Pit.
Ex 1: After dipping his meat log in Sarah's swamp ass, John realized he had poop dick. He then gave Sarah a shit pit.

Ex 2: The site of my daughter's Shit Pit caused me to divorce my wife and move very far away.
by Nick2401 June 23, 2011
A state of mind where one wants to dig a giant hole and collect his own or others feces in the attempt to drown in poop.
It can also be a sign of depression
Person 1: You should buy NFTs
Person 2: What if I just drown in a shit pit instead?
by fragmuffins October 24, 2022
When a group of friends release unrelenting shit talk upon one another in a joking or comedic fashion
David: "Ahahaa but Aaron cant get any pussy!"
Aaron: "Shut the fuck up I had a bitch on my dick last night?"
Tony: "Is that what you classify as a bitch? Was her dick bigger than yours?"
Aaron: "What do you classify as a bitch Tony? Your hand?"
Tony: "Shut up you little shit"
David: "Dammmnn its like you can personally witness Aaron's balls finally dropping"
(Lisa walks in with groceries bags from the store)
Lisa: "Aaron how does puberty feel"
Aaron: "Welcome to the shit pit Lisa, did you just get back from sucking major cock?"
by Kilimino February 13, 2015
Underarm deodouriser of any type (aerosol, roll-on, stick, wipes).
Jason smelled like the proverbial rose today because he doubled up on pit shit this morning.
by Telephony July 16, 2015