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To be a suko is to be extremely insecure about yourself, make up numerous stories about how you nail girls when in fact you don't nail anyone. Threaten people almost a foot taller than you to a fight then back off because you're scared of the actual reality of what would happen in the real world and also getting expelled from high school.
"yo did you hear about the fight that's supposed to happen at lan? it's gonna get real man"

"nah i dont think so one of the guys is a suko"
by TastyLimes December 18, 2012
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messed up with style
pronounced shoe-koe.
*crazy girl/guy runs in room and yells "RED PICKLES!"*
you (to friend): yo that girl/guy was so suko!
by p to the ches April 09, 2006
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Someone who does not have a reason against something. And still believes it is bad at the present time.
This insult was once introduced by AK at the time when people needed it. The target of this insult can never be different from AK himself, though, time passes when people started to realize that this is the exact term that describes the Suko situation above.
- Do you like to party?
- No!
- Why not?
- I don't know.
- Do you have a reason?
- No!
- Then what tha?
- Whatever.

This guy is a Suko.
by GL April 12, 2004
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