TITE!!!Put shiggidy in front of everything it makes it cooler.
Shiggidy Shwat
Shiggidy Shwoa
Shiggidy Shway
Shiggidy Shit
Shiggidy fronthead
Shiggidy okillstopnow
by XBAW March 6, 2003
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It's great for describing things! Also it's fun for expression.
"That shiggidy over there."
"I can't find a shiggidy."
"Shiggidy Pow Pow!"
"Shiggidy Wiggidy"
"Shiggidy Shiggidy Shaw"
by Ryan Workman January 6, 2004
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1. Slang term meaning for sure or all right.
Adam: Dominic do you want to go to a concert tonight?

Dominic: Fo Shiggidy!
by A Biggidy Bomb November 3, 2008
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someone who is very cool. Originated from Wheeler.
Son, you da shig shiggidy shank!
by Porker April 8, 2004
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For sure my friend. Used to say that they are with it, or agree.
Gangsta 1: So we hittin' da club tonight?
Gangsta 2: Fo' Shiggidy Mah Weeble!
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Can describe someone up to no good
Yo, did you see Harold? By his look, he is sure you to some serious shiggidy!
by MadMan Hoosier August 5, 2023
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