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A shigger is a Turkish "sand nigger." The term is commonly used in nations were Turks are considered the cause for job loss amongst native citizens, such as in Germany.
"Fucking Shigger took my job!!"
by The Griddler January 27, 2009
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She + nigger = Shigger

A word used to refer to non-African American females who try to act similar to that of a stereotypical African American. Shigger is a less commonly used insult that is akin to "wigger."

Signs of a "shigger" are considered to be a non-African American female who is speaking ebonics, wearing baggy street clothes, walking with a limp, and other stereotypical "nigger/nigga" behavior.

It is unknown if the variation of the word "nigger" is used in this case to emphasize racism towards culturally confused persons.

Similar but often ignored terms are spigger (spanish nigger), chigger (chinese nigger), and perhaps even a few others I have yet to hear. In any case of these insults, the "er" sound can be dropped and replaced with the "a" sound, resulting in wigger, spigger, and chigger becoming wigga, spigga, and chigga.
NOTE: I am black and am not defining this to be racist. Don't shoot the messenger. If insults didn't need to be defined, there would be no category for them, so don't crap yourself over it.
by CrimsonBlues January 07, 2005
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A combination of shit and nigger. But sounds less harsh than both, if said on their own (probably because noone knows what it means).
Aww, shiggers, I forgot to go to my exam.
by ArtfulJames April 20, 2006
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Superhero or villain acting ignorantly, negatively, in a derogatory manner. It is NOT based on sex, skin color, ethnicity, sexual orientation religious beliefs or lack thereof or ancestry. This term is applied to those that exist in the superhero or supervillain communities.
Diaper Despot just shit himself and threw his drawers at his enemy? Shigger please!
by Krampus X December 06, 2009
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So people use it as calling "suger".Other pople use it for a pets' name .
I have a dog named Shigger.
by shiggers' owner September 06, 2006
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